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Welcome to our 'Page of Encounters'.  We are a small but solid group spreading little acts of kindness throughout our communities while enhancing our faith and spirituality.  Due to COVID, starting October, 2020, our meetings will be online inside the ZOOM room of Deb Ramirez every first and third Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 pm.  If you cannot attend, we hope you can benefit spiritually from our webpage here.  Feel free to 'pop in' to the ZOOM room at any time on the scheduled Tuesday evenings,  just to 'check us out' with no expectations of becoming a Spiritual Connections team member.  One visit may just be what you are looking for to change your spiritual life forever!  Contributions from all Columbiettes for this page are always welcomed!  May God continue to bless you and our Patronesses watch over you.


Join Us

for Daily Prayers 

You are invited to pray with us every day at 12 noon in our Zoom Room!

The room opens daily around 11:45 am. We start praying the Angelus at 12 noon followed by the monthly prayer - we are currently praying for Respect in the world, most especially within our own country with the social unrest, COVID pandemic and the upcoming presidential election.

We then join in praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  It's a beautiful way to grow closer to God and His Blessed Mother Mary!  It is also okay to mute your microphone if you want to sing but never took singing lessons!  Does the Lord really care?  Remember, singing our prayers is equal to double the prayers!


 For a list of the Divine Mercy Chaplet videos we use, 


Our Upcoming Project  


Mary's Mantle an online  (46 days) self-directed retreat program will be offered to all Columbiettes to begin on                               Oct. 28, 2020



for more information and

FREE registration.


Inspirational Quotes of the Week

Question of the Week

Q. Should Catholics follow their conscience in all things...whether it's abortion, birth control, or women's ordination?


(source: Catholiceducation.com)

Resources for Mass, Prayers, & Live Sessions 

Feel free to check out these links by clicking on them 

 Catholic TV Mass                                      

EWTN  Daily Mass & Readings

DirecTV (US)              Channel 370

Dish Network (US)    Channel 261

Comcast Español     Channel 772

Comcast English      Channel 233 / 1668

C-Band                     Channel G1-11

Click!Network          Channel 170

EWTN  Live recordings


Catholic Voice Mass

Vatican - Santa Marta Mass with the Pope

Pray with the Pope!

Heart of the Nation Mass

Archdiocese of Seattle, St. James Cathedral

To find Mass times at a specific church,  CLICK HERE 

Prayer of the Month

For those who may still not feel comfortable or ready to venture out to a public Mass:

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