Thank you for your interest in this Catholic woman’s organization. 

Here are the basic steps to start up your own auxiliary.   

1. Confirm that you have 20 - 25 interested practicing Catholic women, age 18 or older, to join

    the  Columbiettes.


2. Contact the Grand Knight of your Knights of Columbus parish council to discuss their

    interest toward approving a Columbiette auxiliary.

3. Contact the WA State Territorial Deputy, Deb Ramirez, to assist with the last two steps. 

     --  The Grand Knight will send their letter of approval to the Columbiettes Supreme 

          Council  in New York.

     --  Once Supreme approves the auxiliary, steps will be underway to establish a new



Click here to contact the Washington State Territorial Deputy

Columbiettes  Auxiliary 1629       Puyallup WA 


Email:  debrami@comcast.net 

Connect with our webmaster:  Deb Ramirez

Telephone: (253) 720-8861

Last updated: Feb. 15, 2021

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