Walking with jesus

A lenten connection

This Lent we invite you to walk together with Jesus and each other. 


We will be using materials including scripture passages, reflection and ways to pray with scripture to help you journey with each other this Lent. The walk with Jesus during Lent sets us up to celebrate our transformation as we sing glory to God for the transformation that happened to Jesus on the first Easter Sunday.


For those wanting to join us as a group:   Due to Ash Wednesday being a very busy day of going to Mass, receiving ashes, and individual preparation for Lent, we will not be meeting at all in Zoom on Wednesday (Feb. 17).  Our sessions will actually  start on Tuesday, Feb. 16 and end on Easter Sunday (April 4).  During the rest of the week, you are encouraged to complete the activities listed for each day.

Optional:  Deb will be offering a shorter daily Zoom gathering at 3:00pm for those who would like to drop in whenever you can make it on:  Sun-Mon-Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat .  Items covered will include the Daily Offering (prayer), Image for the Day, Food for Thought, and the Suggestions for Prayer.


For those wanting to do it on your own as self-directed sessions:   The 'Lenten Walk' can be started at any time, on your schedule. Join in a flexible experience of daily prayer and reflection. Choose to commit to a regular period of prayer each day, or start with only one day a week. Use as much or as little of the material as helps you in your Walk with Jesus!

There is no expectation or requirement that you complete all of the readings, click on all the links, or pray all of the prayers.  The sample below will focus on the content each participant should 'try' to complete before each of our Tuesday Zoom sessions. This will help you come prepared for discussion to  our online gatherings!  There will be a Module for each week in Lent and the daily folders will be posted in each week's Module.  

Daily Offering

Entering Into Prayer

Today's Scripture

Image for the Day

Food for Thought

Suggestions for Prayer

How are you going to respond today?

Examen (Review of Prayer)