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Why do we have to go to confession to receive God's forgiveness?

Because God wants to reach us through the Church, the community of believers (1 Thess. 5:1213). He wants us to be a family (1 Tim. 3:15). So He gave us spiritual fathers in the priesthood. The priests have the authority to administer His forgiveness to us (CCC 1461). Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven. Whose sins you retain, they are retained, Jesus told the apostles (Jn. 20:23).

Actually, we can go directly to God, but also through His Church. God sees the two as linked (Lk. 10:16, CCC 858). Our sin, even if we suppose it is only against God, robs our fellow believers of something of our being in communion with God and them. It diminishes the power of the Church because sin cuts us off from full communion together in the Holy Spirit (CCC 953). We become like a dead limb, just barely hanging on. Dead limbs can be harmful to the tree (Rom. 11:2022).

The Church, you see, is like a body (Eph. 5:23, CCC 817). When one member suffers, the whole body suffers. To be reconciled, we must not only repent before God, we must also have reconciliation with the Church. Thats the way God wants it (CCC 1469).

Remember what Jesus said we must do if were making an offering to God and we recall that someone has a grievance against us? He said we should be reconciled with our brother first, then make our offering to God (Mt. 5:2126). Why is that? Because reconciliation with God and with His people are tied together.

Confession also helps build the virtue of humility. Humility is the first step towards true repentance (Mt. 23:12). Because pride is the root of all sin, an act of humility such as confessing to a priest will help push out the pride in our lives (Ez.16:4950). St. Teresa of Avila described humility as honesty. We are able to honestly focus on our faults. In addition, the priest can keep us more objective about our sins. The priest can also give you a concrete plan of action to avoid sin in the future. If we go directly to God in the privacy of our own home, we can deceive ourselves. We can either be too harsh or lenient.

Source:  Catholic Education Resource Center 

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